Our team members have supplied faculty and staff at UDC with a variety of office supplies, janitorial products, and renovation materials for over four years. Products supplied included printer cartridges, flooring tiles, Sherwin Williams Paint, shelving units, pump motors, and Dyson fans.

For three years, while affiliated with another industrial supplier company, our team members provided industrial supplies and hardware, as well as facility maintenance supplies including janitorial suppliers, to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Products ranged from industrial equipment like motors and PVC piping to sanitary products and equipment like hand sanitizer and eyewash stations. They also supplied the hospital with microwave ovens and tower fans.

Our team members have also worked to supply Davit crane (an essential heavy-duty equipment used across the industrial sector), along with ancillary equipment to FEMS – in charge of providing fire suppression, ambulance service and hazardous materials containment for the District of Columbia.

Even in the face of supply-chain disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team members still managed to serve customers. Recently, our team members worked to provide the Navy with heavy-duty janitorial equipment, such as industrial floor scrubbers and supplied hand sanitizer and N95 masks to Harriott Construction.

Previously, our team has also supplied the U.S Naval Research Lab with a range of maintenance materials, from safety gear to sanitization products to hardware parts. During that three-year time period, they also provided similar products and gear to Rossman School in Creve Coeur, Missouri, and to Firebird Farms.

Our team members have provided a slew of safety products and equipment rentals, including, LED safety batons, stainless steel cabinets, motors, and signage that was used for various purposes (Clearance, Restroom, etc).