Lewis L McKinney Jr

Lewis L. McKinney Jr

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lewis McKinney, a founding member and CEO of LMAC Equipment Rental & Supply, LLC, is a dedicated advocate for affordable living in Greater St. Louis. He has worked for over a decade to help stabilize urban communities through quality senior and family support services and has a particular interest in generating low-income and family affordable housing developments. Among his many ongoing projects, Lewis is currently supporting the development of the Webster School Senior Apartment Building and the construction of 30 single-family homes on behalf of the South Jennings Homes Project. 

Prior to working as a developer and general contractor, Mr. McKinney served in the government affairs sector for almost 30 years. He graduated from St. Louis University in 1981 and played college and professional basketball.

Tim Mitchell

Tim (Mitch) Mitchell


Mitch, a long-time business partner of the Devereux’s, comes to LMAC Equipment Rental & Supply primarily serving in an investor and general business strategy capacity.  He started his career in the food and beverage industry, working in the sales and marketing departments at Anheuser Busch in the 1980s. After holding various leadership positions at multiple companies, he retired from the consumer products industry and began investing in minority-owned enterprises focused in the supply and rental space.

Mitch graduated from Marquette University and earned an MBA from St. Louis University.

Mary (Mollie) O. Devereux

Executive Vice President of Operations

Mollie Devereux, a founding member of LMAC Equipment and Executive Vice President of Operations, ensures LMAC Equipment provides outstanding customer service and delivers the highest quality equipment and supplies at a competitive price.  Before working at LMAC Equipment, Mollie helped manage Van Tech Industries LLC, an industrial supplier based in Washington, DC.

Since 2008, she has also helped operate a full-service title insurance agency, Gateway Title Company, serving customers in Missouri since 1994 and recently extended operations into Illinois. She graduated from St. Louis University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration /Accounting.

Bob Castro

Bob Castro

National Sales Manager

Bob Castro of Smyrna, DE has enjoyed 30 years of experience in the construction rental industry following his honorary discharge from the US Air Force. He has held the positions of outside salesman, branch manager, and finally district sales manager for the DC District in northern Virginia, running one of the top performing districts in equipment rental and sales within United Rentals, Inc. Bob has extensive knowledge in understanding the construction industry and in business management, and he excels in his communication skills, ensuring that the customer’s needs are satisfied.

In 2000-03, Bob participated on the UR, Inc. sales training development team that created a program to encompass building effective negotiating and selling skills and helped to develop the New Waiver and Protection Plan for United Rentals, Inc. Bob traveled throughout the United States and Monterrey, Mexico to facilitate the training and implementation of the training program. In 2016, Bob was named Mid-Atlantic Region Top District Sales Manager of the Year in great part due to his guiding principles, congenial rapport with the work force and customers alike, and his passion for the sales process.

After his retirement from United Rentals in 2020, Bob co-founded Castro’s General Construction, LLC in 2021 that specializes in general construction, mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing.

James (Jim) Devereux

Jim Devereux

Vice President of Marketing and Technology

Jim Devereux, son of Mollie and Bo, brings extensive administrative and sales experience working for Minority Business Enterprises in the industrial supplier domain. He has a knack for creating mission-focused initiatives and recognizes the importance of implementing effective marketing programs and generating work in partnership with public sector entities. Jim previously worked at Van Tech Industries, LLC, where he played an instrumental role in expanding their product line, helping increase sales by more than tenfold over three years, and establishing Van Tech Industries as an approved vendor for the federal government.

Jim arrived at LMAC Equipment passionate about advancing the business in the same way he assisted Van Tech Industries, LLC.

Robert L. (Bo) Devereux

Robert L. (Bo) Devereux

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

President and General Counsel Bo Devereux is a licensed attorney in Missouri with over 30 years of experience practicing a broad range of law within commercial litigation and corporate matters, including personal injury, condemnation, real estate and lender-related disputes, securities litigation and arbitration, and complex commercial litigation. He is devoted to helping advance all aspects of minority business enterprises, including corporate structure, financing, employment, and contractual matters.

Bo is also the Principal and CEO of Gateway Title Company, Inc. and serves on the Board of Directors as a founding member of Triad Bank, a de novo Missouri Bank.